Here’s what’s included when you join the RLC Accelerator

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9 Modules of video, audio & text training, including:

Module 1:
Why your business is still stuck

In this week:
You’ll develop the Clockwork mindset + vision that’s required to get the team all rowing in the same direction.

Module 2:
Analize your company’s time

In this week:
You’ll understand exactly where your time is currently going and begin to free up valuable hours immediately.

Module 3:
Declare your company’s Queen Bee Role

In this week:
Our most important tool for creating ultra-efficiency, we’ll begin to understand what the most important activities are inside your organization in order to grow and scale efficiently.

Module 4:
Protect and Server QBR

In this week:
Your team will align around the QBR to become more autonomous within their roles, it will be like they’re reading your mind and know exactly what they need to do next.

Module 5:
Moving the 4D needle

In this week:
You and your team will make the most significant shift — from deciding to delegating — and you’ll be able to transfer things off your plate with ease.

Module 6:
Capturing systems with ease

In this week:
You + your team will have a system to easily document and capture everything inside of your business so that no one misses a beat.

Module 7:
Rebalance the team

In this week:
Hiring the right time is easy, but keeping them is what counts. You’ll know exactly how to effectively rebalance your teams’ talent to grow the company faster + retain them even longer.

Module 8:
Keeping an eye on your business

In this week:
You’ll be able to understand the health + direction of your business + make better data-driven decisions with metrics that could fit on a post-it note.

Module 9:
Bottlenecks + Forward planning

In this week:
Most businesses waste a lot of resources trying to solve the wrong problem, but not you — you’ll know exactly how to identify bottlenecks + create forward momentum.

Walkhrought the Backend of the Program

Plus over $18,500 in Clockwork Bonuses:

Bonus #1
Weekly live coaching calls:

($10,000+ value)

As an RLC Accelerator member, you’ll receive exclusive access to LIVE coaching calls each week hosted by Adrienne + the RLC team. You’ll have the chance to get feedback as you implement Clockwork into your business, get clarity to move you forward faster, and ask questions whenever they arise.

We always make sure to be global time-zone friendly and we offer multiple call options every week for you to join when it’s most convenient for you. These calls will offer invaluable insights + opportunities for breakthroughs as you Clockwork your business.

Bonus #2
The Clockwork Community


Once you join our Clockwork community, you’ll have the power of the clockwork collective minds behind your business every single day.

You’ll build relationships with other entrepreneurs that are on the same journey as you, get clarity on your biggest questions whenever you need it, and have a constant flow of inspiration on tap.

Feeling lost or stuck? Lacking motivation? Need help, feedback or advice? In this community, no business owner or team member is left behind, and no one is alone. We’re in this together!

Bonus #3
We’ll train your team:

($4,000 value)

A big part of Clockworking your business is allowing your team to support you and contribute in the process. The best way for you to Clockwork faster + more efficiently, as well as make sure it sticks as part of your culture, is to bring your team with you through the program!

You’ll get free access for all of your team members to join us inside the Accelerator program so that they can help you implement the Clockwork system. They can review the training modules, attend live coaching calls, and support you by implementing a lot of the exercises into your business.

We’ve even had CEOs have their team members LEAD this entire process for their business, which gave them more ownership and took the responsibility off the CEO’s plate!

Bonus #4
Done-for-you process maps + SOP templates + examples:

($2,000 value)

Think of this bonus as having the entire RLC team to do your homework for you, which in many ways, it is.
We’ll give you years of expertly crafted efficiency tools, meticulously tested with thousands of clients, which are packed in done-for-you swipe files + example templates that you can take-n-tweak for your own business.

New hire onboarding, sales, launch promotion, hiring + interview process maps, client onboarding templates, and so much more to speed up the documentation of processes + systems in your own business.
No need to reinvent the wheel, just copy what we already know works!

Frankly, we could easily sell this bonus as a package for more than $2,000, and we know those who’ve read the Clockwork book would be happy to buy it. But we want you to have it absolutely free to help you jumpstart your Clockworking process.

Bonus #5
Free ticket to our 2022 RLC Virtual Event Experience:

($2,000 value)

When you enroll in the RLC Business Accelerator, you’ll also get a FREE TICKET to our 2-day VIRTUAL LIVE workshop in early 2022! Yeah, get excited about that …it’s going to be the best virtual experience you and your team have ever attended!

We’ll dive deep into our “bottlenecks” framework during this 2 day experience and bring in leading experts to help you attract more leads, convert more sales, and keep more of your cash.

This will be a capstone event to the program that you won’t want to miss out on!

What you get when you join Accelerator

  • 1 year of live support in Accelerator
  • CEO only calls, Leadership calls + additional trainings
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly 1:1 private coaching opportunities
  • Monthly check in calls with your RLC Mentor and small “clockwork-crew”
  • 9 Clockwork training modules with real-business implementation exercises
  • Private Clockwork community
  • Access for your key team members!
  • Quarterly planning sessions
  • Accelerator podcast feed for easy on the go access to trainings
  • New templates and tools added regularly
  • Opportunities to earn access to more 1:1 calls, live events, personalized feedback, prizes, and more