How long could you actually unplug from your business?!

Take this quiz to see how long you could step away from the business before your notifications start going off!

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Find out how long it would be before someone needed something if you…

Didn’t make it to the office or your computer for a day.

Whether that’s because you got food poisoning, broke your leg or you just wanted to sleep in one morning, take this quiz.

(Because life still totally happens! Even as a small business owner.)


Took an unplugged vacation WITHOUT your laptop.

Pinning vacay photos on your vision board but wondering if your business can handle if you started to travel? Take the quiz to find out if you are ready to say that relaxed “Bon Voyage” to the business for a week-long getaway.

(And a vacation doesn’t count if you’re stuck taking calls from the hotel room)

or you …

Took a parental or personal leave to focus on you.

Thinking of another idea, child, or adventure that doesn’t include working 24/7? This quiz will help you visualize what would happen if you devoted time to yourself, your family, your hobbies, or your health.

(“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it.”)

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You are grinding, hustling, working EVERY DAY to make your business an “overnight success…

(ya know — so one day you can live that dream life you’ve always hoped for)

But your family is nagging you to take a vacay, your health isn’t great, and you feel stuck waiting for that next business milestone to start living.

You want desperately to take a break but If YOU are not there it feels like your business will grind to halt, your customers will be ignored, and your team will be wasting your money by doing nothing while you’re gone.

But, I’m calling BS on that.

‘Cause hustling 24/7 in your business is NO way to live and it’s 100% possible to build a business that runs without you. You don’t need to be working longer & harder. Actually, quite the opposite. Your business needs you to be a leader that plans for the unexpected.

But the first step is understanding where you are today!

You put in the work to create this amazing business. You are a dreamer, creator, and doer. But you didn’t create this business to take over your life.

Take this quiz to find out how your business would survive very real scenarios that can happen to any business owner. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Use this quiz to measure the sustainability and longevity of your business in face of the unexpected

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We’ve helped hundreds of small business owners build a profitable business that can scale without them.

Take the quiz to learn how LONG your business can survive without you today. As a plus you’ll also get a plan to prepare for your future 4-week unplugged vacation…

The ultimate clockwork litmus test

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If you’ve ever said…

“I wish my team would just take some initiative, why can’t they be 3 steps ahead of me?”

“I need better systems, we have such a great product/service, but can’t scale without more systems.”

“I’d love to serve more customers, but none of my team members can do what I do, so we’re maxed out.”

“I don’t mind answering questions and emails while on vacation, I just do it before everyone wakes up…”

“I was busy all day putting out fires, but wasn’t able to get any of my own work done!”

“I wish my team would just make decisions on their own / stop asking me SO many questions.”

“There must be a better way, but I dont have the time to figure all out.”

Then you need to take this quiz like YESTERDAY.

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Hi, I’m Adrienne!

The captain of our ship

I spent most of 2018 pushing off the idea of pregnancy, the Clockwork book was launching, we were building a new business, growing a team, I was speaking and traveling all over the world…

I’ve spent 10+ years mastering operational efficiency, systems, teams & lean think and it STILL felt downright SCARY to throw a pregnancy into that mix just because there are so many unknowns, but then I realized this was the perfect time to run the 4-week vacation litmus test on my own business.

I know that same fear is true for so many business owners that I speak with. They delay starting a family because they can’t fathom running the business AND having a baby, they suffocate the newest business idea because they don’t even have time for the current business, let alone another start another one, they feel the pressure of being on vacation and rush back to work, they shutdown the business when a parent gets ill because they have no idea how to take care of both…

I want you to be able to enjoy…

I want you to be able to take the maternity or paternity leave that corporate never gave you, enjoy the time with an elderly parent, take the sabbatical, start the next business idea, or heck… even just stay home with your family and let them get some uninterrupted QT with you… without worrying about the business tanking in your absence.

Last year I took my own “4-week vacation” — although I’m sure all the mamas out there will be LOLing when they read this because I’m sure they know this wasn’t be a real “vacation” to take care of our newborn. I personally ended up taking 6 weeks completely off and then slowly weaned myself back over the next 4 months.

But honestly, having our business in a place where I can take time off COMPLETELY unplugged without having to stress about the business is what I’ve worked for, it’s what our team has worked for, and I’m so incredibly grateful we clockworked the business so that I can sleep at night (hahah just kidding, no one sleeps through the night around here) knowing our clients are being supported, our company is growing, and I don’t need to be there to make things run.

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