Based on your answers…

You could go about 1 week before someone or something needed you.

So you’ll have time for a Spring Break, but don’t forget your laptop!

The pros and cons of being a Spring Breaker

You’ve created an incredible business from scratch.

The fact that you have clients or customers, you have products to sell, and you created a business to begin with speaks VOLUMES to your determination, stamina, and worth ethic as an owner.

You created something out of nothing & that can’t be understated.

You have an A-Team and some SERIOUS systems in place.

In order to take a Spring Break at all, you hired or partnered with some A-Team players to help you in your business plus you’ve ALREADY set up some systems that can run without you. Go you!

The more you can delegate and trust others, the more freedom for you.

You are in a PERFECT position to start clockworking.

Because you already have systems in place, at this point in your business you can prioritize clockworking in order to take even LONGER staycations next month. Or maybe even a hotel stay if you get crazy 😉

Making time to clockwork your business will give you MORE time.

You are prepared for some life events but not others.

Your business would survive without you for a week-long vacation, but what if you needed to step away for a longer amount of time for a parental leave, surgery, or caring for a loved one? Or what if you planned to sell it one day?

Spring Breakers need contingency plans in their business to run 100% without them long-term.

You are a bottleneck for decisions in your business.

Most decisions or projects still must get your stamp of approval before they can go out the door. This means you constantly feel like the bottleneck to things getting done in your business. Sure you don’t DO the work but you still have to APPROVE it.

You want to be the LEADER of your business but feel stuck as the bottleneck.

You haven’t been able to fully step into a CEO role yet.

As a Spring Breaker, you are being pulled into the day-to-day operations and delivery of your product and service more than you’d like and dream of being able to focus on strategy, new opportunities, and planning.

Your team NEEDS you to be the CEO of the business. (Plus that’s why you started it in the first place, right!)

The must-listen Clockwork Podcast episodes for Spring Breakers

Episode 5

What does 'Clockworking' your business even mean?

In this episode, Adrienne shares what the new verb she made up, “clockworking,” your business even means, why the vacation is just a carrot + not really the point of it, and how to get started clockworking your business, plus the mindset you’ll need to adopt to be successful. She even shares a super tip on how to recoup 15 days this year of your time with one simple shift....

Episode 106

Is growth breaking your business?

In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne dives into the Deliver or Capacity bottleneck as part of the bottleneck series. If you haven’t listened to the first episode introducing bottlenecks, and the last 2 week’s episodes about the Attract bottleneck and the Convert bottleneck, listen to those first. This episode will shed light on why it may feel like growth is breaking you...

Episode 65

Prepare Your Business for Life Events through Clockwork with Gabriela Pereira

Gabriela talks to RLC Lead Coach, Emily, about how the Clockwork systems helped her hire during a health crisis and double her profits from last year!...

Episode 70

How to delegate even if you’re a control freak

Would you self-classify as a control freak? Is wanting control something you relate with?If that’s you, you’re certainly not alone! And if you’re wanting to scale your business without the 24/7 grind, you can’t do it alone.Today on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne is teaching you how to delegate, even if you’re a control freak. This is a special episode because we’re giving you...

Episode 64

How to Let Your Team Implement Clockwork for You with Lexi D’Angelo

Lexi shares how to allow your team to take the lead with the implementation of the Clockwork principles to unlock the next level of growth and fulfillment....

Episode 30

How My 4-Week Maternity Leave Will Work

As we continue preparing for our own 4-week “vacation” we’re taking you behind the scenes again this week to share the nitty gritty logistics of HOW this will all work.What are the rules for this maternity leave / vacation?...

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