Based on your answers…

You could go about
5 minutes before you were needed

So I hope you like power naps!

The pros and cons of being a Power Napper

You’ve created an incredible business from scratch.

The fact that you have clients or customers, you have products to sell, and you created a business to begin with speaks VOLUMES to your determination, stamina, and worth ethic as an owner.

You created something out of nothing and that can’t be understated.

You control every part of your business.

Because you are involved with every part of the business, you can ensure the absolute quality of your product or services. You don’t have to worry about the failures of someone else if you are doing everything in your business.

But EVERYTHING falls to you 24/7.

You have serious clockworking potential.

Even hiring 1 more A-team player or implementing a new process will give you SO MUCH time back. When you are a Power Napper, even an additional hour’s break will feel like a 5-star resort vacation at this point.

Making time to clockwork your business will give you MORE time.

You are stuck in “hustle and grind” mode to get traction.

As a Power Napper, every step forward in your business has to come from you. Any day you take a break, the business stalls to a halt or even moves backward! Scaling your business can feel more like a trudge than a sprint.

Power Nappers tend to follow a burnout cycle of late nights, resentment, then exhaustion.

Your problems are your business’s problems.

Every time you get a cold, your business gets one too. Power Nappers are so involved in their businesses that without them, the business will fall apart. Any disruption to your ability to show up at work can be a catastrophe for your bottom line.

And unfortunately, even business owners get sick, need surgery, or need a break.

Your business could quickly become a burden instead of an asset.

Without you to keep the business growing and profitable, in uncertain times a business can turn from an asset to a big liability and burden, and your family’s livelihood could be put in jeopardy.

You need your business to be able to run without you.

The must-listen Clockwork Podcast episodes for Power Nappers

Episode 5

What does 'Clockworking' your business even mean?

In this episode, Adrienne shares what the new verb she made up, “clockworking,” your business even means, why the vacation is just a carrot + not really the point of it, and how to get started clockworking your business, plus the mindset you’ll need to adopt to be successful. She even shares a super tip on how to recoup 15 days this year of your time with one simple shift....

Episode 111

Your life is not a distraction

In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Emily, Erica + Gabbi of Team RLC dedicate this episode to all the parents juggling e-learners + navigating childcare (or not), care-takers, and anyone with dependents vying for their energy + attention. Your life is not a distraction. They share helpful strategies to use at work + home to help you be more efficient with the time you have working a...

Episode 103

How to get more results for less effort

In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne introduces the bottleneck framework and kickstarts a bottleneck series we will have over the next several weeks....

Episode 94

Doing more does not mean more valuable

In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Emily + Gabrielle address a common belief that holds back CEOs and team members alike: the belief that the more you do, the more valuable you are. Doing more is the opposite of efficiency. Efficiency is doing less, and doing the most valuable activity....

Episode 72

Building + leading for life beyond business with Bucketlist Bombshells

Shay + Cassie, Co-Founders of the Bucketlist BombshellsTM share how Clockwork has helped them lead and grow a business + team to live a fulfilling and abundant life beyond business. Their story is so inspiring and a testament to what is possible through Clockwork!...

Episode 50

How to start clockworking when you have no time, no money and no team...

Adrienne + Emily discuss what you need to do to start clockworking, even if you have no time, no extra money, no team, and no clue how to get help. We cover how to identify limitations you are fighting for in your life + business, the mindset needed to make a change, how to become more resourceful with your time, money + team now + the tools you need to start Clockworking today....

To take back your life, you need a business that continues to thrive even when you aren’t around.

You need a business that allows you to spend less — less energy, time, resources, and money — and grow more.

Founded by Adrienne Dorison and Mike Michalowicz, business operations and efficiency experts + business author, the Run Like Clockwork team understands how frustrated you are by staying stuck in your business.

We’re here to show you how to shift your mindset, culture, and processes so you can create a lean, profitable business that supports you.

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We want you to get your business to a place that allows you to be present for your LIFE — because I assume that’s one of the reasons you wanted to own your own business in the first place.

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This program exceeded my expectations. I have stopped working 9-13 hour days, I now work approximately 6 hours a day but I’m working on more fulfilling tasks that are moving the business forward.

Co-Founder of
The Bucketlist Bombshells

Running a business as a solo founder is hard, so it is nice to get input from someone outside my company. My team members have been happy to take over some of the roles that I have been holding onto and doing by myself. I’m more conscious about the changes that I need to implement each week in order for my business to depend less on me.

Founder at Ombu Labs, The Lean Software Boutique

I wanted my team to run like clockwork, without my constant input, and now we’re well on our way to making that a reality. The content was killer and it was just the right amount, not overwhelming. The best part of it was that everything was very actionable + transformational.

Creator of Impacting Millions