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We individually review each application, so I already know we can help you make a real change in how you do business — and how your business supports you. Even if you aren’t sure you’re quite ready, rest assured: we wouldn’t accept you if you weren’t a good fit.

Let’s get you out of the engine room and back into the captain’s chair where you belong: steering the ship and setting the vision, while your crew runs everything else on cruise control.

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We want you to get your business to a place that allows you to be present for your LIFE.

And whatever life throws your way?
The Accelerator will make sure you’re ready for it.

The RLC Accelerator includes 9 modules of comprehensive, detailed training designed to walk you step-by-step from feeling like you’re drowning in overwork and overwhelm towards smooth sailing in your IDEAL business using our proven Clockwork framework.

This isn’t just a program that will tell you “how to do it” — I mean, if you’ve read the Clockwork book already, you know we already give you the steps there — this is an experience built to actually get you + your crew implementing and producing real RESULTS.

This is about helping you create a new vision of what’s possible, so you can finally experience the Clockwork BREAKTHROUGH you’ve been looking for and start being the captain of your own ship… which sails on cruise control whether you’re at the helm or not.

This is the perfect place to start when you’re ready to take back your nights and weekends and start feeling like your business is supporting your life — and not the other way around.

So, whether you’ve read the book, taken some steps on your own, or are completely starting from scratch… Accelerator is how you’ll finally reach that goal of having a business that runs like clockwork.

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You may be wondering how you’re going to grow and train your team…

That’s why we’ve created a host of resources inside Accelerator specifically designed to help you get everyone on your team rowing in the same direction. You’ll discover:
  • How to find the perfect person for every position (and they’ll never leave you high and dry)
  • How to communicate and delegate so your crew can create more space and ease for you, instead of just creating more work.

In fact, if you ask us, you shouldn’t hire without this information — it’s that valuable!

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Take a Tour of the Boat

We make sure your business is ship-shape in all these areas:

  1. The Captain Quarters
  2. The Bridge
  3. The Main Deck
  4. The Engine Room
  5. The Crew Mess

The Captain Quarters

This is where the Captain needs to spend the majority of their time in the business, doing what we call “design” work to navigate and lead the ship forward.

You’ll learn more about this in the Vision + Culture, QBR, and Bottleneck + Planning modules.

The Bridge

The bridge holds all of the information for the entire business to make sure it’s charting the right course, we’ll help you navigate how and where to gather the necessary data to make informed decisions as the Captain and crew.

You will learn more about this in the 4D, QBR, Metrics, and Bottleneck + Planning modules.

The Main Deck

The main deck is the heart of your business, it creates the entire culture of what your team and customers experience.

You’ll learn more about culture in every module of our program because it’s integrated into everything we teach.

The Engine Room

The engine room holds all of the systems & mechanics of your business, systems allow you to maintain consistency, quality, and keep things moving forward without errors.

You’ll learn more about this in the 4D, QBR, Capturing Systems, Rebalancing the Team and 3T modules.

The Crew Mess

The crew mess is representative of the team members that are supporting you and the entire business. They are integral in moving you towards the vision.

You’ll learn more about this in every module of our program.

Our itinerary

Part One

Months 1 to 3

Go through all modules (90-100 days) to understand and apply concepts

We’ll cover:

  • Creating and articulating the big vision
  • Understanding where your time goes
  • Defining your company’s QBR and most important job
  • Aligning to the QBR
  • Going from deciding to delegating
  • Capturing and improving your systems
  • Hiring and training the right crew
  • Capturing metrics and setting KPIs for the team
  • Identifying bottlenecks and forward planning
Click here for a full description of the modules

Part Two

Months 4 to 12

Implementation + test runs to improve + streamline

Forget shuffleboard

We’ve created a simple, fun, gamified way to help you stay on track and meet your goals. Earn badges for completing tasks at every stop along the way and you’ll “win” extra coaching opportunities, bonus time with our crew, and other exciting incentives.

The badges are your map to getting your business completely clockwork — so you never have to guess what you should be doing next to move toward your incredible goals.

See the complete Badge Roadmap

Your All-Inclusive Amenities


Our support systems work like an all-you-care-to-eat buffet. Join us for every call and gorge yourself on the coaching goodness or pick and choose which calls are most important. It’s entirely up to you.


Head to the lido deck (AKA our Facebook group) to network, mingle, and get peer support from other business owners navigating similar situations.


The same way a cruise director has your activities all lined up for you, we have tons of templates, worksheets and example systems you can take to use in your own business, so you never have to start from scratch.

Plus these Bonus Shore Excursions

Virtual Event

2-Day Virtual Event hosted by co-captains: Adrienne Dorison & Mike Michalowicz alongside guest experts and the RLC crew.

Group Coaching

Quarterly group coaching sessions with Mike Michalowicz to get your biggest vision, strategy and business questions answered by the best in the business.

Planning Workshop

Annual and quarterly planning workshop sessions w/ Adrienne & Team RLC to ensure your ship stays on course.

Want the full scoop?

“I was able to get way smarter with my team, which resulted in a higher profit margin. Biggest win is that I’ve been able to TRIPLE the salary I’m paying myself”

Elise Darma

CEO @ EliseDarma.com

Ready to come aboard?

Meet the Crew

Adrienne Dorison

The captain of our ship

I’m an operations + efficiency expert with 10+ years of experience saving time and money for large corporations. When Mike Michalowicz approached me to contribute my expertise to his book, Clockwork, a new partnership was born.

I designed The Accelerator to take all the operations + efficiency tools I knew from corporate and apply them to small businesses. I’ve created everything inside the program to speak to the unique struggles and challenges you face running your own small business.

And I’m not just the creator of The Accelerator… I’m also a case study!

In 2020, I took my own “4-week vacation” when I went on maternity leave — although I’m sure all the mamas out there will attest this wasn’t a real “vacation” to take care of our newborn. I personally ended up taking 6 weeks completely off and then slowly weaned myself back over the next 4 months.

But having our business in a place where I can take time off COMPLETELY unplugged without having to stress about it is what I’ve worked for, it’s what our team has worked for, and I’m so incredibly grateful we clockworked the business so that I can sleep at night (hahah just kidding, no one sleeps through the night around here) knowing our clients are being supported, our company is growing, and I don’t need to be there to make things run.

If this sounds like a luxury, it’s NOT — I know from your application that it’s available for you too.

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Mike Michalowicz

Co-founder and Author of Clockwork

Tyler Brannon

Co-Founder & RLC Mentor

Emily Doyle

Director of Sales and Marketing + RLC Mentor

Gabrielle Immediato

Project Manager

Julie Stubblefield

Director of Client Success + Lead Coach

Erica Akingboye

RLC Mentor

Danielia Barron

RLC Mentor

Giovanni Merrin

RLC Ambassador

Are you ready to Captain Up?

You started your business for a reason: for the freedom it would provide you, for the ability to make a positive impact on the world, for the financial support it would offer you and your family.

But somewhere along the way, you veered off course.

If you want to reach that ultimate destination you had in mind when you started this journey, it’s time to Captain up!

It’s time to accept that your role as Captain means you have to stop doing some things and start doing others.

And the first thing you need to do is to stop making excuses and start clockworking your business.

“I can’t find the right person to hire…”

Hiring one person isn’t the answer to your clockwork problems because that unicorn doesn’t exist. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can find and hire an incredible crew of awesome mortals through your CEO mindset. And we can show you how.

“I need to do this ONE thing before I join…”

Maybe you’re thinking you need to land this client or finish that project before you commit to clockworking your business. But the truth is, if you don’t have tools, systems, and support in place to serve that client or finish that project — you’ll be continually disappointed. The horizon will always seem just out of reach.

“I need to make the time…”

Friend. Let’s be real here: your work is always going to expand to fill the time you have to complete it — that’s Parkinson’s Law. You’re never going to “have” the time or “make” the time to clockwork your business. (Because if you did? You probably wouldn’t need us.) Instead, you need to just dive in, make this a priority, and let us help you sort out the rest.

The sooner you realize that you’re the one with the power to steer the ship…

The sooner you can get your business back on course to the freedom, impact, and financial rewards you desire.

Clockworking your business will make everything more efficient, which means spending less money, less time, and less energy and getting bigger and better results.

And when you’re focused on efficiency, your profits grow.

Many of our students see their investment in The Accelerator returned to them many times over once they’ve Clockworked their business — not to mention the invisible ROI of having less stress and more satisfaction.


12 payments of $797
Or pay in full $7997

Your Captain’s suite awaits! Don’t leave your business to sink or swim. Chart a course for smooth sailing with The Accelerator.

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Still Have Questions?
No Problem…

What If I don’t have time to devote to this?

We know that business owners who feel like they have the least time to dedicate to clockworking need Accelerator the most. If you can commit to making it a priority to clockwork your business, we can help you figure out the rest. In fact, most students get hours of their week back by the time they finish the second module.

What if I’ve never hired before?

That’s OK! You’re starting from a clean slate. Accelerator will help you get crystal clear on what roles you need to fill first and then give you the tools to find the right people to fill them. Even more importantly, we’ll teach you how to delegate so that you actually get more time to steer the ship.

What if it doesn’t work for my industry?

Every industry is different, but we’ve proven that Accelerator’s tools and systems work with every business we’ve come across — from a cupcake bakery to a cleaning service to a high-profile law firm. If we accepted your application (and we did!), we believe Accelerator can help you.

What if I don’t have the cash flow to join?

We’ve created a payment plan to make joining Accelerator as easy on your cash flow as possible! And when you consider how much time you stand to save, and how much more money and profits you stand to make by clockworking your business, we hope the investment is a no-brainer!

Click here to read more of our FAQ, and feel free to use the chat button below and DM us!

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