Now that you’ve read the book, Clockwork, it’s time to take action!

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Have you ever noticed that big ships need a tugboat to get them started?

Or that tall sailboats often have a motor to help get them out onto the open sea?

That’s because even these big ships need a simple way to get started on their journeys — and that’s exactly what you need to get started on your Clockwork journey.

The Clockwork Kit is your quick start guide to Clockworking your business and starting your journey to a a 4-week vacation fully unplugged from your business!

No waiting. No complexity. Just a simple map to getting it done.

The Clockwork Kit is entirely free and you’ll get instant access to the tools (which are not available anywhere else).

The Kit includes :

The exclusive Clockwork Quick Start Guide

This powerful one-sheet details out the action items you must take to get your business running like clockwork. Post the sheet next to your desk and check off each step as you move through the system.

The ultimate shortcut to finding your QBR (10min video)

The QBR is what you hinge your company’s success on. Know it, protect it and serve it and your business will thrive. In this exclusive video you will discover the ultimate shortcut to finding your QBR and leveraging it to thrive.

All graphs, tools and worksheets from the book

All the resources from the book (including graphs, worksheets and spreadsheets) are included in one convenient spot… in your kit.

A full length recording of a Clockwork Coaching session

Listen in to a coaching session Mike had with a client as they applied Clockwork to her business. You will be a “fly on a wall,” during this high end consultation.

The Run Like Clockwork Dashboard

The one page template that you can use to run your entire business like clockwork. It is a living document that will help you monitor and direct your business, even if you decide to do it from the beach.


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