What kind of vacation do  you have your sights set on?

As a business owner, your time off is defined differently — and too often it’s an anomaly

  • Some business owners are looking for more spaciousness in their business, and would love to just be able to take an unplugged long weekend.
  • Some want or need to step away from their business temporarily for a life event…
  • And some are ready to sail off into the sunset and sell, retire, or transfer the business completly…

We are out to redefine vacation as something every business owner can have — whatever it looks like for you.

You are the captain of the ship. You have goals, a destination in mind on a distant horizon.

But you keep encountering stormy seas — trouble hiring the right people, spending all your time answering questions and putting out fires, and generally being irreplaceable in your own business.

Run Like Clockwork provides the tools, the map and the support to help you leverage your unique STRENGTHS, build a crew that SUPPORTS your vision, implement SYSTEMS that are fully optimized + efficient, and enjoy the mental space to focus on the future STRATEGY.

Go from SOS to Smooth Sailing…

What is your next destination?

Long Weekend

At this point, you’d settle for a long weekend away, but completely unplugged. You’re looking for more spaciousness and freedom in your business, but feel like you’re currently “on call” all the time. Not having to put out fires every day would be nice, and a relaxing long weekend away with family or friends would be amazing!

Take a Long Weekend

Extended Leave

You’ve got a big life event knocking at your door. Good or bad, it means stepping away from the business for a few weeks up to a few months. Might as well take advantage and enjoy it!

Enjoy an Extended Leave

Permanent Vacation

Whether you’re ready to retire, looking to sell, or want your current biz to run on auto-pilot while you start something new, you’re ready to sail off into the sunset and take a permanent vacation.

Take a Permanent Vacation