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Episode #136

Revisited with update: Clockworking in a busy season with Erica Courdae

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About this episode:

If you’ve wanted to get your business operations in order and improve efficiency in your business… and stopped yourself with “I’m just too busy right now” or “I’ll do it once this chaotic season blows over”… then this episode is for you!

This week on the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Clockwork superstar and DEI expert, Erica Courdae, shares how to clockwork during your busiest seasons and why being booked + busy is a sign you need to clockwork.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why “I’m too busy” is exactly why now is the right time to clockwork

  • How knowing your priorities helps you decide what to trash, trim, transfer, and treasure to save time and energy in your current season.

  • Why you shouldn’t serve everyone

  • How flexible structures serve your business better long term

Listen to the end when Erica shares an update about what the most impactful part of Clockwork has become an innate way of operating for her and her team over the past year! Make sure to connect with Erica at and her Pause on the Play podcast.

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