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The Single Most Important Activity In Your Business

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Efficiency is all about doing LESS, but getting better results. Which means we have to understand what are the RIGHT things to keep doing versus just continuing to do everything and add bloat to the business. 

As Mike and I were looking for most efficient organizations on planet…we found bees. 

Everything they do + the very way they operate takes EFFICIENCY into the equation. 

They do many different things to leverage efficiency, but most importantly…is their understanding of their resource use in relationship to their highest priority goal. The goal of a bee colony is to survive — that’s nature, right?

They’ve used this principle to identify the SINGLE most important activity inside their colony…we call this the Queen Bee Role. 

This concept has changed our clients entire approach to business. It’s allowed them to lean down, to do less, to spend less money + resources, all while getting BETTER results. For some, it’s even saved their businesses just by identifying what it was + therefore being able to shift things to protect it.