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3 big reasons we fail to delegate

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Most of us started our businesses not being masters at managing people or masters of delegation. [True talk]. We were really good at the one thing we wanted to start our businesses for… then got into a position where we don’t know how to lead, manage, or have people support us effectively.

The process of delegation is great in helping remove you as the bottleneck. If you’re the only one who can make decisions, you are the bottleneck, which is stunting your company’s growth.

This episode is going to be super helpful for you to understand why delegation hasn’t worked in the past, why you’re frustrated with your team in its current state, why you may have mismanaged people because of expectations.

Adrienne dives into the 3 big reasons we fail to delegate:

  1. We think we can do it better ourselves

  2. We don’t value Design time, we only value Doing

  3. We don’t know how to delegate so we fail to do it

Once you learn how to delegate effectively, you will experience a new kind of growth + freedom!

Do any of these 3 reasons resonate with you? Have you ever found yourself saying any of these things? Let us know! Tell us over on Instagram @rlclockwork or inside our Run Like Clockwork Free Community on Facebook!

If you’re currently working too many hours, feeling stretched thin, are caught in the weeds of your business operations, or have just been flat-out frustrated or disappointed when it comes to handing things off to others because they never seem to get it done right…

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Mike Michalowicz is also doing a special, bonus masterclass called “Think Like a Shareholder”, which speaks directly to reason #2 why we fail to delegate! This masterclass is designed to help you eliminate the 5 biggest success-crushing beliefs you currently have about your role in the business, and how they’re stopping you from getting everything you want!

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