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Your #1 job as an entrepreneur with Mike Michalowicz

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The definition of entrepreneurship has become convoluted. Instead of the focus centering around hustle, grind, do all the things to chase money, what if we flipped that definition on its head?

In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Mike Michalowicz shares a new definition of entrepreneurship and talks frankly about your #1 job as an entrepreneur. As always, it’s a lively conversation, so get ready!

Topics Mike + Adrienne discuss on this episode:

  • The yes and framework

  • The new definition of entrepreneurship

  • Your #1 job as an entrepreneur

  • Why you shouldn’t hire another you

  • Mike shares a breakthrough thought that’ll get you thinking  

What does the new definition of entrepreneurship mindset sound like? “I don’t want to make six-figures. I want to create six-figure jobs. That requires a different level of thinking and work ethic.” -Maya Elious  Yes!

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