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Episode #97

From comic to copywriter to Clockworked with Kevin Rogers

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About this episode:

Are you so busy micromanaging that you’ve lost touch with your superpower?

Does your company pass around the “ball of overwhelm”?

Are you navigating a Macy’s Day Parade Snoopy balloon down your business streets?

Our guest on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast is Clockwork Superstar, Kevin Rogers, Founder and CEO of Copy Chief! Kevin packed this conversation with Adrienne full of amazing metaphors and analogies that will have you seeing business and Clockwork differently – through the eyes of a comic turned creative. Over the past year, Kevin has clockworked his business to the point that, soon, he will be taking his 4-week vacation!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What to do when you’ve got caught passing the ball of overwhelm around your company

  • Why Kevin said he was lying to himself, and why you may be doing the same

  • The connection between your superpower and the Queen Bee Role (QBR)

  • Snoopy balloon or the gold dancer (amazing visual analogy!)

Before Clockwork, Kevin couldn’t imagine taking 4-weeks off without business hitting the fan. Now, he’s confident his team of young free-lancers are prepared and systems in place so he can take 4 weeks off to vacation and write a book he’s had inside for a long time. What a fantastic example!

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