Where will your business be a year from now?

Whether you’re looking forward to retirement, handing off the business to someone else, getting ready to sell, or dreaming of new adventures while your current business runs on cruise control…

You know you’ve got to get everything running smoothly before you can make that transition.

But you also know you can’t move on to your next adventure until everything is ship shape.

Let’s get your crew running everything for you so that you can confidently sail on to your next destination.

You are the captain of the ship

You started your business with a vision, a distant horizon you wanted to reach. Now that destination is within view — but there are some details to attend to before you can sail off into the sunset.

You’ve probably identified some potential rough seas if you were to just jump ship today, and you’re looking for a proven process and support to navigate those waters and bring your business to a place where it’s all smooth sailing before you disembark.

The best way to make that possible is to ensure your business is built in a way that it can run without you at the helm.

Unlike other business and marketing programs
that only address one symptom or another…

The Run Like Clockwork Accelerator addresses your business operations holistically, getting every part of your business ship shape — from defining your vision and values, to onboarding the right crew and optimizing your systems and operations.

The result is a business that scales easily and efficiently while creating the freedom for you to live your life — wherever the journey takes you.

Like Jan, who took his family on an extended vacation to Europe, Asia and North America!

“There should never be a reason not to clockwork your business. The only limitations are in your head.”

Like Mike, who took time off to fight cancer

“In total I took about 5 months off to battle cancer. During that time our sales stayed steady and even grew!”

Like Clotilde who took her completely unplugged Clockwork vacation!

“My team had handled everything PERFECTLY and smoothly in my absence. New ideas had emerged, new initiatives had been taken, solutions had been found to existing and new problems, IT’S LIKE ALL OF MY DREAMS CAME TRUE “

Like Katie, who finally wrote and published her book!

“We doubled our 2018 revenue and our profit martins are looking great! After January we are on track to hit 1 million in 2019.”

The Accelerator

  • Offers 12 months of comprehensive, detailed training designed to walk you step-by-step towards your IDEAL business using our proven Clockwork framework.
  • Shows you how to assess your team and rebalance your existing crew so that everyone is in the right position.
  • Provides a clear map with specific milestones making it incredibly easy to implement and make progress.
  • Offers support and reminders from our RLC crew if you forget to do something, or fall off track. We won’t let this be a program that collects digital dust for you.
  • Includes an active community of other business owners sailing toward the same destination.
  • Won’t let you slip through the cracks, because WE have systems that help us easily see where you’re at on your journey.
  • Offers coaching sessions each week, which means getting your questions answered will never be an issue.
  • Gamifies everything, so if you’re competitive like me, you’ll earn badges + rewards just for ticking things off your Clockwork map!

The Accelerator works for businesses of all sizes and structures, so whether you’re currently piloting a single-seat rowboat or a megayacht, we can help you set the right course.

Is Accelerator a good fit for you?

You should apply if:

  • You’re ready to step away from the day-to-day operations of your business.
  • You’re willing to commit to our proven process and do the work.
  • You are aware that this will take time to implement.

You should not apply if:

  • You’re convinced the business will sink without you (and secretly kind of like it that way).
  • You’re not willing to follow a proven process / put in the work.
  • You don’t have enough cash to pay your bills next month.
  • You want or need a quick fix.
  • You don’t have 12 months to devote to improving your business.

Still on board, captain?

Ahoy then!


Are you looking for a different type of vacation?

Long Weekend

At this point, you’d settle for a long weekend away, but completely unplugged. You’re looking for more spaciousness and freedom in your business, but feel like you’re currently “on call” all the time. Not having to put out fires every day would be nice, and a relaxing long weekend away with family or friends would be amazing!

Take a Long Weekend

Extended Leave

You’ve got a big life event knocking at your door. Good or bad, it means stepping away from the business for a few weeks up to a few months. Might as well take advantage and enjoy it!

Enjoy an Extended Leave